High End Kings is a diamond amongst the rest. We pride ourselves in the quality of our end product, and every step it takes to get there. Our promise is to always use the best indoor flower and the cleanest methods of extraction to produce the purest THCa diamonds. Through groundbreaking technology and years of experience, we finally perfected our recipe to bring you diamonds in a disposable vape. We are proud to introduce you the very first liquid diamonds and to have set a new standard for all that follow. With High End Kings the world is yours.
This product is not a medication, nutritious supplement, and it does not replace a medical treatment. it has to be used sparingly. consumption is the responsibility of the user. Its sale is prohibited for people under 21 years old.

Our product was tested and certified by CALIGREEN LABORATORY with a 97.089% THC levels what makes us a fully licensed and compliant product and verifies that we are offering the cleanest, strongest, and concentrate oil on the market.