Blue Gala Night Contest

Blue Gala Night Contest

THE HIGH EN KINGS' BLUE GALA will be the highlight of your spring, it will take place on a special date when Miami will host one of the most important automobile events in the world and one of the most commemorative events of Mexican culture will be celebrated. This night will be a trip to a world full of diamonds, fashion, art, music, and fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the adventure!


07:00 PM : Red Carpet & Welcome cocktail!
10:00 PM : $15K Beauty Contest
02:00 AM : $5K Raffle





Dates: April 22nd & 24th

Hour: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Place: Mandrake, 210 23th Street, Miami Beach




The announcement of the 20 finalists will be made on Friday, April 28, by posting their images on our Instagram account.

The finalists can start interacting and increasing their chances by gaining social media engagement. This will represent 25% of the criteria for selecting the winner.






The time has come! 

Our HIGH END QUEEN will be selected from among the 20 finalists, who will perform in front of our panel of judges to win the prize of USD $15k, free products for one year, and VIP participation in HEK events.

The parameters for selecting the winner will be:

25% social media engagement.

25% judge voting.

50% public voting.




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